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I was ELATED to learn that not only am I nominated for a WHO’s WHO Awards by WEHO CONFIDENTIAL, but to be nominated with who I am nominated with!  These Queens are already the WHO’S WHO of the drag scene and now I am amung them?!?! All I can say is 2012 is the year of Raquel Redd and always remember to #dreambig!

The awards are being held tonight in West Hollywood, Ca at ROBERTSON.  Check out the link below for all the details!

Beauty School…

I think I wanna go to Beauty School.  I want that piece of paper that says I can beat a mug and give one helluva blowj..  blowout.  Everything I know has been pretty much self taught.  Maybe even open my own salon.  What should I call it?


Love to hate…

I’m not one to get on a soapbox and bitch and moan about people not liking me.  In reality, I’m really unbothered by what others think of me or say about me.  And when I invest in a friendship only to learn that the other person really isn’t my friend, it stings a little, but I’m the one coming out ahead by knowing WHO I’m actually dealing with and where to place them.

It’s comical (and a bit sad) still learning of the “shit talkers” back in West Hollywood.  People who I’ve helped, supported, went to bat for, and truely enjoyed and cared about.  I’m not bitter to learn they have shit to say or don’t consider me a “real drag queen” because I don’t have to paint gray and black shapes on my face or pad the hell out of my hips to create an illusion.  I’m smart enough to know that has more to do with them and their insecurity than anything to do with me.  I mean, I could get in that same lane and talk shit about them every chance I get.  I’m not going to go in about the consistent foul body odor or how I have repeatedly watch audiences get turned off by low-brow comments on the mic, not to mention zero stage presence.  But what do I know?  Who am I to judge?  If I had extra time to spred hate and gossip, I’d effin’ wash my car!  So, I continue to smile and keep my mouth shut and focus on my debut single “RIGHT ON TRACK” coming out in a few weeks - currently being played in clubs and on the radio!! :-)

I miss the people and friends back in West Hollywood, but things here in Nashville are going great!  Expect big thing in 2012 from The Raquel Redd Camp!  We’re already gearing up for the 2nd single… which is going to blow your pants off!!

Thank you for all of your support and stay tuned for more blogs!

xoxo - Raq.

Welcome to my tumblr!

Hey Yall (Paula Deen voice)!

I’ve joined the world of tumblr!  I plan post pics, quotes, blogs, answer/ask questions as often as I can to keep you even CLOSER to the world of Raquel than before!  Everything will be posted to tumblr by me and only me so I can be as close to you as possible!  Hope you will follow me and I’ll follow you!  Any suggestions about my new tumblr page is greatly appreciated!



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